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SiftingRealities: Episode Two: GUN IN MY TOILET

April 8, 2010

Um, ya, so I made this… with a lot of help (please see the credits), but yes, this is the sort of thing that comes out of my brain…

#2. GUN IN THE TOILET – Issue: Still attempting to maintain some normalcy within the chaos of her life, Belinda (CARMEN BENNETT) chats with Lise (LACI MAILEY) as Lise picks up baskets of cookies for delivery.  However, later, as she is cleaning her guest bathroom, Belinda finds a gun duct taped to her toilet and another man (Rich, played by ROB LAMPARD) in her shower.  Life, once again, is anything but normal for Belinda.


Cookies: ALMOND MACAROONS (recipe to come!)

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