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Garden update: all the baby plants

May 17, 2010

A bunch of little seedlings made their transitions out into the big wide world of the garden this weekend, and I thought, as a collection, they made a sweet, though photo heavy, blog post (I think there are too many commas in that last sentence…).

I requested a cool three-tier wooden pot to house another new round of strawberries this year and Michael built it for me this past Saturday.  I raised these little ones indoors from seed (planted in Jiffy Pellets at the end of February and beginning of March). Baby Strawberries:

We planted three 2-year-old raspberry canes in a container this year and I almost pulled this little guy thinking he was a weed, but no!  This seedling will grow tall and bear fruit next year!  Baby raspberry:

  • Plant: Chemainus Raspberry. *Summer fruiting variety.
  • Canes purchased at: Family Farm in Aldergrove, sourced through Craigslist
  • First planted in: March 2010 (2 year old canes)

We also invested in two 3-year-old blueberry bushes at the same time as we bought the raspberry canes.  I also tried out a mail order gardening service this year and bought this little blueberry:

  • Plant: Top Hat Blueberry
  • Purchased online at: Spring Gardens.  I can’t say I recommend buying online.  It took them over 2 months to ship and the plant cost $18 plus shipping which was way too much for a plant that will most likely need another 3 years to bear fruit (IMHO).
  • First planted in: May 2010

Another first for this year’s garden: artichokes!  We were late getting this out and don’t expect it to flower this year, but you never know!

Last, but not least (seeing as we use frozen rhubarb in our smoothies every morning) and, hopefully, we will be harvesting from this seedling early next Spring! Baby Rhubarb:

So that’s  little glimpse of all our baby plants this Spring!  I am looking forward to getting the remainder of the seedlings (tomatoes, basil, peppers, and multi-squashes) and direct seedings (green beans, mini cucumbers, more carrots and lettuce) out over the next few weeks, if the temperature agrees and, sooner than you think, it will be time to HARVEST!!

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