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Tomatoes and baby bees (?)

August 13, 2010

What’s that? Could it possibly be that the tomatoes are trying to ripen? Thank goodness… the garden has been such a write off this year that we were beginning to think we wouldn’t get any harvest other than some early spinach, lettuce and, so far, ONE zucchini.  FYI – yes, that is red mulch you see at the bottom of the photo.  Who knows if it helps, but, on the West Coast, tomatoes need all the help they can get… tomorrow I will be sacrificing some slugs to Mother Nature…

Plant: Siletz Organic Tomato
Seeds purchased at: West Coast Seeds (and started indoors in March).

On an unrelated note, these little guys (one seen here doing a nice job of pollinating an everbearing strawberry) look like baby bees.  Are they?  They also love the cilantro that I have let go to flower.  I will have to send this shot to my Dad for identification.

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