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Neglected blog AKA a rapid post of works in progress…

October 14, 2010

It has been crazy busy around here, and, though I have planned a number of posts for the blog, and even taken a few illustrating pictures, I haven’t managed to write any of the individual posts. So here is a teaser of some upcoming projects:

These are fresh chocolate mint leaves soaking in condensed milk.  The homegrown mint leaves are planted in a container so they don’t take over an entire bed.  I like to run my hands through the plant — the aroma is lovely. I am also drying some leaves to be used in tea. I will be making some chocolates with this mint-infused milk, as soon as I get an undedicated moment in the kitchen.

Made with the last box of fresh BC blueberries I picked up from Granville Island, these are my blueberry cinnamon buns (seen here posed with a strawberry rhubarb smoothie — recipe by Michael). I have every intention of posting the recipe and no time to write it down.

I participated in Urban Grains’ CSA this year and just picked up my haul — 4 sacks!! — of red spring & winter, white winter and rye flour. I have not found the time to even dream about what I will be making with these flours, but you can guess there will be lots of cookies and breads and maybe even pasta recipes tested soon!

Lastly, a garden update.  This is our watermelon which never did grow out of it’s baby form… but it was still a sweet, though awfully seedy, treat!

So that is me for now… there are lots of knitting projects to finish and a bunch of loom projects to take pictures of, but right now I am researching and writing a new feature film script and, unfortunately, work trumps hobbies.

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  1. October 17, 2010 7:28 AM

    I only grew the chocolate mint one year – despite being in containers, it blew seeds and spread all over.

    So I don’t grow any mint plants anymore.

    But, it was nice to pick the leaves, dry them then add the leaves to coffee or tea.

    • October 17, 2010 10:08 AM

      Nina – I will have to make sure not to let it flower – ha – invasive indeed! Never thought of using the leaves in coffee – will mention this to Mikey!

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