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Mulching the roses with fig leaves…

November 6, 2010

There is this huge fig tree at the back of our yard. It has huge leaves. It is currently fall therefore the tree is currently shedding its huge leaves.

The rose/garlic bed might like to be mulched. I am not totally sure about this as I am still learning how to “read” the soil and I have never grown garlic before.

But I have all these leaves – and more to fall for sure – so I figure the roses and garlic bulbs might like a nice blanket for the fall/winter.

Those are some volunteer snapdragons growing low in the bed, now among the mulch. I figure if they want to grow there who am I to stop them?

Then, as I was on a raking and mulching kick, I piled the remainder of the leaves in all the fruit tree and fruit bush containers. The two plum trees and the large apple also contributed some lovely mulch-worthy leaves.

Hopefully I haven’t just smothered everything to death – out of genuine concern and kindness of course – but dead is usually dead. Unless, of course, you factor in zombie garlic and zombie blueberries, but that is a [rather short] story for another day.

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