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Oh! Ruby Longjohn Socks

November 15, 2010

I finally got shots of Michael’s newest socks – proudly modeled by himself by a blueberry bush in the backyard.

These socks, paired with The Woolen Rabbit Kashmir yarn in the Oh! Ruby colourway, were knit from another fantastic pattern by Anne Hanson of KnitSpot.  I really think the yarn perfectly suits the pattern.

The pattern: Longjohn Sock – The pattern, as always, was clearly written and offered in multiple sizes. I first knit up the size medium on 2.75mm needles (aka size 2), then chickened out after the cuff and recast on for the size large.  Unfortunately, I should have stuck with the medium, because, 5 inches into the large, I figured out the large was TOO large – Michael, size 10.5 feet, likes his socks tight.

The yarn: Kashmir: this was my first time with any Woolen Rabbit yarn and I was prepared to fall deeply in love with this merino/cashmere/nylon blend. First of all, the colour – GORGEOUS! Unfortunately for me, Michael was home when this package came in the mail and immediately claimed this skein for his next pair of socks. The downside was that the red seriously came off in my hands, in a seriously difficult to-get-off-with-multiple-washes red stain (that twisted around my right index finger). I also found the yarn far too thin for my taste when knitting socks (the fact that these socks felt like they took forever to knit probably didn’t help).  Also the yarn wasn’t consistent – very thick/thin throughout and somewhat nubbly. HOWEVER, the finished pair of socks is amazingly soft and really akin to dress socks – definitely meant for special occasions!! Michael LOVES them.

Ravelry Project Page

Cast on: July 28, 2010
Finished: September 2010
Pattern rating: 5 stars
Yarn rating: 3 stars


ETA: showed Michael this post and the following conversation ensued:

Michael: “Wow, my ankles look really wide.”

Me: “What are you, a girl?”

Michael: “Not with those feet.”


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