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A series of Christmas baking photos:

December 15, 2010

I will elaborate on these further in an upcoming post, but here is a teaser of Icing Sugar Chocolates being dipped:

Sugar Cookies being iced:

Santa Whiskers baked and ready for consumption:

And rather perfect-looking shortbread (if I say so myself) (though please forgive the grungy cookie sheet – it is my favourite one and has needed replacing for a few years now):

I somehow neglected to get a picture of the gingerbread people, but here is a post (and the recipe) that I wrote earlier this year.

I will chocolate dip a second batch of shortbread tonight and then keep moving on down my list of things-to-bake until I run out of time or patience. I suspect lack of time will be the deciding factor this year in regards to the number of holiday recipes I manage to complete, and – honestly – I started too late.

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