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January is for writing – a (bloody?) comedy about love.

January 5, 2011

I’ve been working on my comedy about love this afternoon, no it’s not a romantic comedy – because I said so.

I’ve been playing around with a couple of opening scenes (set at a wake) including this one (set in the bathroom of a community centre).

Trixie dramatically flings open her stall door and then slumps against it. She shakes the pregnancy test (now out of box) in her hand.

He’s a partner.

Ever heard of a condom, stupid?

Did you flush?

It broke.

The toilet?

The condom.

They have pills for that.

Took one. This was the earliest test I could find.

You could’ve just dropped by the hospital.

I knew you’d be on the way here –

Listen, I know this is all terribly important, but I am having a real issue with the unflushed toilet.
(dramatically whispering)
It’s right behind you.

Trixie sighs and then leans over to flush the toilet.

This script is going to totally rock – because I said so.

ETA: Belatedly thought I should provide visual proof of writing… hence the desk shot. I also have final draft, scrivener (which I am trying out) and i-tunes running on the computer. I especially like the inclusion of the envelope… did I run out of scrap paper? why did I think grabbing an envelope was the best choice at the moment of inspiration? Ah, well. I just go with it – it usually works out for me that way.

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