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Chocolate Pudding & Coconut Macaroons…

January 20, 2011

While it is true that chocolate has many perfect partnerships: peanut butter, caramel, ice cream, and really ANY cookie, as well as, being simply fantastic in many different manifestations: solid, chips, melted, hot, cold and, of course, molten – I believe that the pairing of chocolate pudding and macaroons is one of the most perfect pairings of recipes in all time (at least of the time I’ve been baking).

If you are craving pudding then what are you going to do with the egg whites? Throw them out? Make a (I don’t hesitate to say) bland omelet? The same goes with the yokes when making macaroons. My solution? Make both!

Mini Almond Macaroons – a tiny version of my standard recipe. FYI – full sized ones where featured in the 2nd episode of my (half-filmed) web series, SiftingRealities.

My chocolate pudding recipe comes via my trusty, and terribly destroyed, copy of Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book – no modifications. Tips: stir, stir, stir – constantly – and you won’t end up with lumpy pudding. Also use butter and high quality cocoa. Michael, who isn’t really supposed to eat chocolate in large quantities, can’t have a single cup of this pudding without getting a migraine. I praise blame the cocoa.

Why the tiny portion sizes? We’re counting calories this new year and I am happy to say that with all the “good” ingredients still included, and by simply trimming back portion size, the pudding is only 118 calories a (1/4) cup and a single macaroon weighs in at 81 calories (or less if you don’t add the ground almond). Why not have two?


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