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writing a (crazy, bloody, funny)(insert adjective) love story

March 17, 2011

I have a crazy, bloody, dark & funny love story resting underneath my fingertips.

I’ve been working on unleashing it for a couple of years now. Yes, a couple of years.

I know that this story starts with a funeral, ends with a wedding and people die in-between – hopefully only the bad or irredeemable guys, though I make no promises.

The story is about all the crazy things that happen to us, the crazy things you think you can’t tell anyone or… you know… they’ll think you are seriously insane or on your way there at least. Except true love doesn’t acknowledge deal breakers and the person who is your perfect pair is just as fucked up as you, only differently – so, you know, you aren’t fighting over the same energy. Plus with each other you can leave all that shit behind anyway.

There will be lots of rain, guns and a musical number in this screenplay, probably under threat of death. There are childhood friends and drug dealers; in fact they might be one and the same. There will be a stalker and an ex-wife, who may just as well fall in lust themselves. Someone might be pregnant, someone might be a spy – actually that might be the opening to the plot – he runs an import/export business – ya, right. She’s a colour blind interior decorator who has a thing for dance poles and 80s music, she also can shoot a gun, but why is nobody’s business. Cue sweet songs & honey – it’s going to be a wild ride.

And I am going to do it all in 90 minutes – 100 tops.

Listening to: Real, Real Gone by Van Morrison

Channeling: The Coen Brothers & Penny Marshall

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