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I am not a late bloomer…

May 14, 2011

…I’ve just had buds forming for a long, long while now.

[Oh! You thought I was being deeply and unusually personal for a moment. No, no. I was personifying the baby apple tree:]

[Or Not].

On a gardening note, I was really hoping that those ants were eating those aphids, but alas it seems (according to google) they are farming them, and possibly attempting to protect them from the rainfall we had moments before I took this picture.

[Who the ants represent in the extended analogy of the apple buds being me, I have no idea… not sure I like the idea of being “farmed”. The protection bit is certainly sweet, but a little rain has never hurt me].

The End.

[Thank goodness, that was almost awkwardly self-reflective].

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