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Tegan and Sara’s new single “Closer”

November 19, 2012

I wrote a pivotal scene of my new work-in-progress, an urban fantasy novel, Cupcakes, Trinkets and Other Deadly Magic, this afternoon while listening to Tegan and Sara’s new single, Closer. I went looking for new music and found this song on iTunes Top 100 (or so) chart. It was just so perfect for my main character, Jade, a witch who likes to play with magic and a little bit of danger without committing herself to either. Not necessarily literal, but in the emotion the song evokes. The iTunes player informs me that it took 27 noncontinuous plays via headphones to brainstorm and write the first draft of this scene. I’m not surprised, it’s a long, important scene. You know, the scene where the main character makes an error in judgement that’s going to screw her life up really badly, but she doesn’t know it yet. That scene.

Thank you Tegan and Sara, for the creative support this afternoon. Thank you to all the artists who enrich me with their music, words, and energy.

Tegan and Sara. – this is the video of the song on Tegan and Sara’s website – I was hoping it would embed here, but it didn’t  – click through to view!

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