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I seem to have made an error …

January 25, 2013

… in judgement. I mistakenly got up from my desk a few moments ago – in the middle of writing a scene – to grab a quick snack. By the time I’d sliced up an apple and grabbed a cookie (or two … okay, maybe it was three) this had happened:

Leo stakes his claim

Leo stakes his claim

Note how he completely ignores getting his picture taken. If he even blinked, or acknowledged my presence in any way, I might not feel as bad about hauling him off my WIP.


Leo from above . What can I say? The picture reveals all.

And, don’t even think about making a play for that pen. He’s backed by his gang:


The trio, hard at work thwarting the writer. It’s a tough job, but some cat has to do it.

So, yeah. I was hoping to have this draft completed by the end of next week … maybe I’ll crack open a can of cat food … or crinkle the treat package … am I a complete pushover?


WIP: Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic, 1st draft
On the headphones: “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers
In the fountain pen: toffee brown ink
Chocolate of the Day: 70% Madagascar, Amano
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