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Read-a-long with the author: Cupcakes (Etc) – Chapter Three

September 11, 2014

Okay! My thoughts on chapter three of  Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic. I tweeted my fav quotes as I came upon them, but I’ll share a digest below as well.

Cupcakes _2nd book cover

WARNING: I assume there may be spoilers in the comments – because this is hopefully going to be a discussion – but I’ll try to keep my main post pretty spoiler free. Though, as the chapters progress, I’m sure that will change.

Dancing and wild magic and Hudson. Oh, Hudson, Hudson.

I wanted to press myself against him. I wanted to taste him with my actual mouth, not just my magical senses. I wanted a different kind of build and release, but that wasn’t how I played this game.

Everyone knew that witches didn’t run with wolves.

Noooo!!! Why does Jade have to be to moral … and, reading into her actions here, why is she so scared of magic, specifically her own?

And then HIM. It’s interesting to me that some readers finish book one having leaped to the conclusion that Desmond/McGrowly is “typically” gorgeous and gruff. In my mind he’s not. He truly scares Jade. That should tell you a lot about her (especially as the books progress).

But Jade can’t ever admit anything completely straight-up, can she? Not early in the first book – LOL

I was pretty sure he was going to eat me, but only after he played with me for a while. And not in a satiating, mutual bliss sort of way. This one liked to hunt, and he kept what he killed.

And, just when you think the rest of Jade’s night is going to be smooth sailing, the vampire shows up again. Damn, vampire.

I was becoming uncomfortably aware of the yawning darkness of the vampire-filled night behind me. Okay, so it was just one vampire. He was one too many.

What are your thoughts on the third chapter?

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