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Chocolate and Eggs

March 15, 2015

Yesterday a lovely neighbour messaged to see if I wanted a dozen of her eggs. Though I had a dozen in the fridge, I immediately said “yes, please,” jumped in the car, and tore off down the street to pick them up. Who says no to farm fresh eggs? Not me.

Before I even got my hands on the eggs I had plans for Egg Benedict for Sunday brunch (courtesy of Michael) and Chewy Gooey Chocolate Cookies for an afternoon snack. I believe this is the perfect pairing, using the yolks for the hollandaise sauce and the whites for the cookies.IMG_0179

Then Gerri – the lovely neighbour who is willing to share eggs from her heritage flock – mentioned she was making a chocolate soufflé, which – having never made one myself – sounded like WAY too much work for a Saturday evening to me.

Of course, sometime before making mini pizzas for dinner last night I decided I should try to make a chocolate soufflé as well.

Yeah, I know one doesn’t just whip up a soufflé on a whim, but around 8:30pm Michael and I paused Winter Soldier and gave it a go … the first attempt at the ‘chocolate part’ seized, and I over-whipped the whites as a result of the delay. But, eventually, I baked something that looked reasonable for a first try.IMG_0176

Except I didn’t like it.

It tasted floury, even though the recipe only called for three tablespoons of flour.

Four eggs, some sugar, and a half cup of chocolate. I used some of my precious Allure from Chocolate Arts, and I didn’t like it.


Not enough chocolate.

You know what has more than enough chocolate?

The Chewy Gooey Chocolate cookies currently in my oven. I’d recommend these over a fiddly soufflé any day.

This is what I look like when I blog on a Sunday afternoon

This is what I look like when I blog on a Sunday afternoon. First selfie ever taken on my new laptop!

Modifications to the recipe/notes: My go-to chocolate for these bad boys is Tanzanie by Cacao Barry, which cuts the sweetness perfectly. Don’t refrigerate the batter!! And either eat these the day you bake them, or freeze immediately. Michael loves them frozen, but they thaw beautifully. 😀

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