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Rochelle’s Tactical Pen

August 17, 2015

So I wrote up a blog post some time ago about writing lead characters who can’t actually kick ass but who must still resolve the main conflict in order for the story to function properly, but I never finished it. I figured that yammering on about my writing process was a rather boring blog post.

However, this came in the mail last Thursday. And this – I think – is interesting, because it’s part of teaching Rochelle to kick ass when she has no other choice.

Rochelle's Tactical Pen

Yep, that’s a Smith&Wesson Tactical Pen. I bought it on Amazon. I thought it was a great idea for Rochelle. Or rather, Beau thought it was a good thing for Rochelle to have. And I wouldn’t mind tucking it into my own satchel after I’m done working through Oracle 2.

I couldn’t just give Rochelle a knife. She’d probably just end up stabbing herself with it. Ha.

Back to talking about writing and structure and audience expectations for a second … if the Oracle series is a trilogy (as I believe it is) then book two is technically the second act, which means it’s all about confrontation – inner and exterior conflict. Rochelle is not only learning who she is, but how she functions within the Adept world.

I think the pen is going to come in handy.

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