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Birthday Cakes

March 3, 2010

It is a steadfast rule in my home that the birthday boy/girl gets to select what kind of cake they would like for their birthday celebration …and then I attempt to make said selection.

Michael always picks cheesecake… for almost 10 years now, at least from the moment he first tasted my cheesecake, this has been his birthday selection: beer, pizza and cheesecake with blueberry sauce for dessert.

As yesterday was Michael’s 40th (!!!??), I felt the need to make things extra special, so I also added a white chocolate glaze and ordered a selection of molded white chocolate tools from Chocolate Arts.

It was as yummy as it looks (if I do say so myself).  Everyone who celebrated with us last night was very quiet as they ate their slices (some with strawberry sauce, which was also very yummy).  Focused eating is always a good sign of complete enjoyment (especially with this expressive and boisterous group).

Michael's 40th birthday cake

Pictured above: Baked cheesecake with white chocolate glaze. Served with fresh blueberry sauce, whipped cream & white chocolate hammer.

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