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Sifting Realities: Pilot

March 15, 2010

So… what has been occupying practically ALL my time these days??

SiftingRealities: web site, youtube, twitter & facebook fan page

SiftingRealities is a webseries… my first foray into online distribution and, as soon as it finishes compressing, I will be posting the pilot episode.  Please check it out!  Reviews, comments and referrals are gratefully (& hopefully) graciously appreciated.

We have 6 more in the post-production pipeline and 7 more to film to complete the first season.  I’ll post more extensively on the process of creating, shooting & releasing this series when I am further into the experience.

I am shooting the first of the Baking with the Director segments this week and #1 will go live on Monday, March 22, 2010.  In it I will chat about my oatmeal butterscotch chip cookies (featured in SiftingRealities: Pilot).  I’ll be sure to post a link here as soon as it is up.

In other news… more seeds planted this week: basil, 3 types of tomatoes & acorn squash (will attempt to get photos through the week).  Strawberries and oregano (now 3 weeks old?) still seem to be struggling but, oddly enough, the melons all seem very happy.

Testing a new cookie recipe, currently called cowboy cookies, got some solid reviews during the SiftingRealities cast and crew screening yesterday, so they might be a keeper… oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chunk – yum!

Okay… back to work.

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