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SiftingRealities: Episode Three: ZOMBIE IN THE GARDEN

April 14, 2010

This episode was my favourite on the page, a worry in the casting (boy, was I silly, because the cast additions: Eliza Faria, who plays Annie and Sebastian Kroon, who plays Courier/Zombie Stan totally rock), and took the longest to cut/tweak/colour but, through all that, I STILL think it is my all round favourite episode.  I have written a number of feature films that are based in the zombie or creature genre, but this was my first time shooting/directing a zombie piece and, I must reflect, the actors did all the great work and I just directed the camera and cut it all together.

Synopsis: Belinda (CARMEN BENNETT) is disturbed to find someone other than Lise at her back door to pick up cookies.  After a confrontation with this new courier (SEBASTIAN KROON), Belinda discovers a zombie in the backyard.  Issue: the child Annie (ELIZA FARIA) is hiding in a playhouse. Also featured is JESSE SCARF as D.

Cookies: (ZOMBIE) GINGERBREAD.  Recipe & pictures to come!

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