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Gingerbread (Zombie?) People (Cookies)

April 14, 2010

As seen in SiftingRealities: Episode Three: ZOMBIE IN THE GARDEN (see post below for more info) Belinda, not knowing what to do with Annie once she has rescued her from the back yard, defaults to her comfort zone: baking, specifically, she bakes gingerbread cookies.  Here is the recipe I (therefore she) uses:

The dough (ready to be plastic wrapped and chilled) and a traditionally shaped (not the one I used for the episode) gingerbread man cookie cutter:

Naked gingerbread people cooling and getting ready for decoration:

Decorated cookies (still from Sifting Realities, Ep. 3):

**Note: it took an entire bottle of red food colouring (and a couple of drops of blue) to make the icing “blood” THAT red.  The yellow noose (middle top) is made out of string licorice.  The cookies on the right are decorated with the more “traditional” look I usually use.

These cookies are “soft” gingerbread and super tasty… the crew eyed them all day while we were shooting and eagerly gobbled them up after we’d wrapped.  There was some disbelief that they were whole wheat, which I take as a compliment to the cookies.  Eliza, who plays Annie, preferred the licorice “guts”, of course.

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