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Knitting Update…

April 20, 2010

So I finally got a knitting project off the needles… Roger Socks by Anne Hansen for Michael.  I’ve been feeling guilty because two sets of Michael’s handmade socks have recently (mysteriously!?) been felted in the dryer and his remaining pair has developed holes (as hand knit socks often do, especially when there are nails popping out of 75-year-old hardwood floors all round the house).  The yarn is casbah, colour pewter, by Handmaiden and is, so far as I have tested, my absolute favourite sock yarn.  I spotted this skien at Urban Yarns (blog) and, as I was reaching for it, Michael called dibs and well… seeing as I was dragging him to the yarn store in the first place and seeing as all his socks were currently ruined (and I still have 2 wearable pairs) I felt he deserved a new pair of socks.

LOVE the colour/pattern combination!!

Here is the sock against jeans (in an attempt to capture the colour).  I adore how the pattern appears to be woven when, in fact, it is just strategically placed horizontal and vertical ribs (clever designer!!).  The pattern is well written and very accessible.  This is third pattern I have done from Anne Hansen (KnitSpot) and I have a bunch more queued at Ravelry.

Once the camera was in play, Parker had to get involved in the sock modelling… of course!

In other knitting news, I have two current works in progress:

This is the front side of the Kelmscott cardigan by Carol Sunday knit with mirasol qina yarn in the deep red colour way.  I am gong to LOVE this sweater (I think) once I manage to get it off the needles (I am currently working on the collar), but this pattern has definitely been a challenge and I am not looking forward to the crocheted edges, as I actually have no idea how to crochet!

I am using four strands, 3 yellow and 1 beige, of reclaimed cashmere yarn for this cabled baby blanket (pattern found in this book).  I found the cashmere sweaters at ValueVillage and harvested the yarn.  The blanket is going to be so pretty and soft!

So that’s my knitting update!  Oh, you can find me on Ravelry (if you are so inclined) as mdoidge.

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