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Weaving with the Knitter’s Loom

November 16, 2010

Last September I took a weaving course at Birkeland Bros. Wool, taught by the famous Pearl.  I had wanted to take this course for a while and I finally just signed up.

Now, I thought Birkeland Bros and Pearl were great, but decided, after making 4 scarves, that weaving with the Ashford Knitter’s Loom really wasn’t for me. I honestly found it a little boring. That is not to say that the finished pieces weren’t lovely and that you could make many different projects on this little, very intuitive loom, but I think I am just in a knitting lace & socks phase right now.

This is the first project I wove (re: all pictures), a new scarf for Michael, which will, most likely, be quickly reclaimed by me as soon as the cold weather really hits – Michael never wears scarves unless there is a blizzard and, thankfully, blizzards are very rare in Vancouver, BC, Canada!

I think I would love to have the loom around just to use up the bits of sock yarn that accumulate, but cannot justify the price for something I would probably use only a couple of times a year.

I also wove a green/multicolour scarf for my lovely friend Michelle’s birthday, but neglected to get pictures before gifting. She seemed to like it though. I also used up a bunch of socks yarn ends and made myself a scarf, and, though I have worn it a lot, I haven’t gotten it in front of the camera yet.

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: 7.5 dpi, alternated the two yarns for the warp, and held yarn double for the weave/weft.
Yarn: Granite Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Worsted & Marcasite Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted
Yarn Rating: 5 stars! Soft & Subtle colours.
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