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I love my new hat…

November 30, 2010

While down at Granville Island two weekends ago, I slipped into Maiwa to find some bulky yarn… yes, the early snowfall had driven me into wanting a slouchy hat, one that would cover my entire head. Once there, I happened upon some lovely natural handspun llama and, after quick conversation with the owner of the shop, I figured out that I had actually met the llamas from which this yarn was spun.

Derry Walsh (at Derry’s Orchard & Nursery in Aldergrove) grows and sells apples trees (among other things) and last March we wandered out that way to pick up two one-year-old dwarf whips (trees). While we were there Derry gave us a tour of her acres and we met her llamas. Derry and her husband use the llamas for “exciting packing trips” and they are amazing beasts – strong, beautiful and friendly.

This handspun came from Shandy, who (I believe) was her biggest boy. He had the most amazing eyelashes and kept reaching out to sniff my hair while we were visiting.

I used almost an entire skein (200g) for the hat and then gave it a soak in soak and then a bath in hair conditioner in an attempt to ease the itchiness.  This repeat bathing really relaxed the hat and now it is almost too big, but I love it anyway.

I am completely enamored with the fact that I met the animal whose yarn I then used to knit this hat. Completely enamored.

Pattern: Autumn by Jane Richmond (Ravelry & Etsy)
Yarn: llama handspun, natural brown, bulky weight
Cast on: November 20, 2010
Finished: November 21, 2010
Pattern rating: 5 stars
Yarn rating: 5 stars
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