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An Experiment with Apple Pie…

December 14, 2010

I know it seems like I am never happy when I experiment with baking and, unfortunately, this post does nothing to counter that general opinion.

I had a bunch of apples. I had a brand new pie plate. I made a pie on a day that I had already been baking for 8 hours. I kind of made up the recipe, though I did use the whole-wheat pastry flour short crust I usually like. I cut out some stars to make it pretty.

What went wrong?

The crust was too dry – it broke and cracked. The innards weren’t sweet enough (in my opinion). I only ate a couple of bites of my piece. Michael finished my serving up for me, and then I had him take the remaining pie to his job site… where, supposedly, none of the carpenters had any complaints about being forced to eat 3/4 of an apple pie.

Problem is, my apple crisp recipe rocks and it is less labour intensive, so why make apple pie, at all, ever? Mark this one as a #fail.

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