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Monkey socks

February 22, 2011

Finally a pair of socks just for me! I have been gazing longingly at this yarn since Michael purchased it for my birthday – I loved the colourway and the cashmere content (of course). The fact that it is done by a local dyer – even more fantastic!

As a part of my “try out the top patterns on Ravelry personal challenge series” I chose Monkey by Cookie A (links below) for my next pair of socks. The pattern, which currently has 13,865 ravelry projects, was as great as reviewed–simple and easy to follow, but with an end result that looks much more complicated. Problem was the variegation of the yarn is so high that even this pattern, which is noted for working well with varigated yarn, gets quite obscured.

The yarn, Gourmet Crafter Sock by Alexa (links below) was divine. The colours are saturated and the fibre luxurious. My only complain was that the red came off (slightly, which is typical with reds) in my hands and this particular skein had 3 or 4 “breaks” in it. I am looking to collect and knit all of Alexa’s great colourways – just for fun!

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A.
Yarn: Gourmet Crafter Sock by Alexa
Cast on: December 31, 2010
Finished: January 19, 2011
Pattern Rating: 5 stars
Yarn Rating: 5 stars
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