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Tofino meets South Forks

February 23, 2011

More socks all for me!! After making the Monkey socks (post below) I wanted to find a pattern that would be able to handle a highly variegated yarn like the Gourmet Crafter Sock series and I hoped that the slipped stitches of the South Forks pattern would do the trick.

The colour turned out more overall black than I thought it would (green seemed to dominate the skein) but I think the end result is very handsome. These are lovely cushy socks. I still adore the yarn (no colour transfer or breaks with this skein).

The pattern was well-written and I knit it without alteration. Now I have two brand new pairs of socks – decadent!

Pattern: South Forks Socks by  Linda Welch
Yarn: Gourmet Crafter Sock by Alexa — Tofino Fern
Cast on: January 19, 2011
Finished: February 21, 2011
Pattern Rating: 5 stars
Yarn Rating: 5 stars
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