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Researching self-publishing

April 28, 2011

A Drive-by, link-filled, FYI post:

This is some of my research into self-publishing so far:

On the Web



Currently Reading:

In my Queue:

Waiting for library copies:

Still sourcing:

  • Perfect Pages – want to read Aiming (link above) before I purchase this.


  • Amanda Hocking – I’ve been following Amanda’s self-publishing success story with much interest and took the time to read her young adult trilogy, Trylle. The books were interesting enough to hold my attention long enough to read all three, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them unless you are a true fan of the genre (young adult paranormal).
  • Michelle Demers – Michelle, a local Vancouver author, just self-published her book Baby Jane. And I hope to read the book very soon and then pick her brain over lunch next week!


I have also looked into the possibility of hiring someone to proofread and do the layout, but feel confident enough to tackle the cover design myself.

I want to look professional, but this is, as all independents are (unless you are George Lucas), a shoestring budget sort of thing. It’s a balance of time and $$. Could I write another novel in the time it might take me to learn how to do all this myself? Perhaps (though hopefully this isn’t going to take THAT long!!). On the other hand, I think it is good to know the hoops even if you don’t plan to jump through them all by yourself.

Anything I’ve missed, so far, that you would consider recommended reading?

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  1. April 28, 2011 6:56 PM

    Hey Meghan:

    Lightning Source, as my own experience is sadly proving, is not really aimed at the self-publisher, but rather the small publisher. LS won’t answer hard questions about their contract and when I asked questions about their return policy and how this affects which sales channels are/are not available, I got a snarky response:

    “Lightning Source is not an author services company, we only contract with publishers. Obviously there are times when an author may themselves also be a publisher; however, publishers are expected to know and understand a certain amount about the publishing industry.”

    My response was that it was *precisely* because I know a certain amount about the publishing industry that I am asking these questions; have yet to get a response from LS.

    Also, stay away from Smashwords. Lots of complaints about them and their software, and also they are violating the conditions of ISBN use and are running afoul of the agency. My lovely, helpful contact at Library and Archives Canada practically spit when I mentioned Smashwords (they’re causing LAC a whole pile of grief).

    In fact, most of the aggregates are not using ISBNs correctly. Bowker, the US ISBN agency, is in “talks” with the aggregates to try to sort out the mess, but if they don’t comply it will be interesting to see what happens with the ISBNs used. Will the international agency cancel those numbers? Ban the aggregates from buying/using numbers?


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