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Alternate Book Cover: After The Virus

July 28, 2011

So I have received some feedback that the current ebook cover I am using for After The Virus is a little dark (aka doesn’t “pop” enough) and not as genre specific as it could be, but I find that I’m a little concerned about making a change when I have already begun branding the book with this cover (see right-hand side bar).

Scott Fitzgerald Gray, after he read and reviewed the book, volunteered to mock up an alternate cover, because he wasn’t sure the current one sold the book strongly enough, and this (above) is what he came up with – I think there is something really visually compelling about the white background and etched background lettering and, obviously, the bloody handprint really does pop in this version, but I am also not too sure that I like it any better than the current darker version.

Is different better in this case?

I am, however, seriously toying with the idea of keeping the current cover for the ebook and using Scott’s version for the print version, for which I have actually gotten a few requests. Side note: I might try to have a POD version out for September/October.

Do you prefer the current cover or this new version? Why or why not? Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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  1. janet permalink
    July 28, 2011 3:12 PM

    Thanks for asking! A poll feature sure would have come in handy here, huh?

    Okay, I definitely have opinions! Here goes… (I’m a graphic designer, so can’t resist.) Personally, I like this new one better; because of the increased contrast and the “pop” of the red color. In photography rules, (which I’m assuming can apply to other images as well,) they say our eyes are drawn to areas of contrast, focus, and color. This new image has more of all of them, especially the contrast and color. With the older one, while I think the grey tone is meant to add drama, I perceive it as being more murky, like looking through a dark filter – it actually almost looks unintentional (even though it isn’t). Also, the bloody print looks orange in the previous version, so I appreciate the richer red in this newer version. I’m not too sure about the new font for your name though… even though it relates to the other font, it might be nice to keep that part in a clean professional-looking font. Okay, I’ve babbled enough!

  2. July 30, 2011 1:20 AM

    The main thing about book covers is the typography – that is, the most important aspect is the words, so you’ve got that part right. Nowadays, you also have to make sure the cover reduces to a thumbnail and everything stays more or less legible. Your name is at least as important as the title. The grey cover is okay but the author’s name becomes illegible if reduced to a thumb. The white cover is better because the author’s name stays legible longer. The little rune-like letters are not visible at thumbnail size so they lose importance and if they do appear at all seem like a pattern. The broken font for the author’s name might have issues of legibility too.

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