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Around The Web: After The Virus, etc.

September 21, 2011
Only two items (that I know of) of note this week, as I have been doing more writing than web surfing, which is good of me, but makes a bit of a boring post (with only a couple of links).
  • Michelle over at Michelle’s Book Blog took a read of After The Virus this week and ranked it 4-stars! Hopefully her readers enjoy it as much as she did!
  • Also my great proofreader, Diana Cox, (who, BTW, found a multitude of things in what I thought was a really clean final draft, plus her rates are crazy reasonable) was kind enough to request After The Virus as one of her featured books on her web site. Thanks Diana!
Hope you are having a great week!
FYI – !!Beginning next week!! – Flash Fiction Fridays and then, alternating somewhat random weeks, Short Story Saturday – accumulating in the release of After the Virus in POD (print on demand) and then the launch of Harbinger!
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