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A Review of Suzie Ivy’s, Bad Luck Officer

April 26, 2012

Suzie Ivy is a hero. She doesn’t wear a cape or have super powers. She’s an everyday hero. She started out as a normal person, with a normal life – a job, kids, husband, and home, just like the rest of us. Then one day, while suffering a broken hip at age 45, she decided she wanted to try to make the world a better a place. Instead of joining a charity, or feeding the homeless, she decided to become a police officer in a small town that had never had a female police officer, and certainly had no idea what to do with a 45-year-old woman, with grown children, who wanted to help enforce the law.

So, she became a cadet, and passed.

Then, she started blogging about it

Then, she worked her ass off for another two years, and got promoted to detective. As she was corralling bulls, dealing with chronic, problem whistle-blowers, and ignoring (some) rather unpleasant and sexist workplace behavior, she also protected abused wives and molested children.

Suzie chose this path. She believed she could make a difference, and she does, everyday. Everyday she puts on her badge and does her best to protect those who need protecting – even if they choose to put themselves in danger.

She slogs through mountains of paperwork, a justice system that seems to protect the rights of the offender more often than the victim, and stupid people, who have no idea you don’t ask a police officer to drive your son to school because he missed the bus.

She hunts predators and looks forward to the day she can slap her pink handcuffs on them.

And, as often as she can, she tries to laugh about it all.

Suzie Ivy is a hero. Read her books. Laugh, cry, and be thankful there are people like her looking out for us. I really hope there is at least one of her on the Vancouver Police Force.

5 stars through and through – I highly recommend this memoir!

Read my review of Suzie’s first book, Bad Luck Cadet.

Favourite Bad Luck Officer quotes

“I had received a t-shirt from my best friend Veronica at my police academy graduation. It reads, ‘Throw your donut in the opposite direction and the cops won’t get you.’ I love wearing that t-shirt.”

“Now I’ve had it with whoever has the shitting squirts and is spraying all over the toilet, For God’s sake, clean up after yourself or eat something that gives you firmer bowel movement. I don’t want to bring this up again, understood?”

“Another note to self; turn cellphone to silent when you’re trying to be sneaky.”

“I’m old enough to be your mother, I’m happily married and if you ever put your dick anywhere near my mouth I’ll bite it off. Are we clear?!”

“When my fight with the naked Sarah started we were in front of my vehicle, so everything was caught on tape. The only thing that would have made it more entertaining for the guys was if we had added mud to the altercation.”

“I cried that night. I knew I couldn’t help everyone, but how do you give up on a ten year old kid. I couldn’t”

“Even sentenced to twenty-five years in prison Ted didn’t get what he deserved. Maybe his prison mates would give it to him.”

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