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A conversation with Leo about the blueberry box

July 27, 2012


“That blueberry box is clearly too small for you, Leo.”

Leo blatantly ignores Meghan, even though she just so happens to feed him regularly and provide such things as blueberries boxes, looms, and other great places to nap.

“And it’s hanging half off the counter. You might tip and fall.”

Leo continues to ignore Meghan, who is obviously exaggerating as humans have such a propensity to do.

“Fine. I’ll just post a picture of you on the blog then.”

Leo, not even remotely motivated by this nothing of a threat, doesn’t bother to crack an eye for the pictures. What does he care of the blog when he has this perfectly sized box to nap in?

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  1. July 27, 2012 5:40 PM

    They sure do love boxes… whether they fit or not.


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