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Love Lies Bleeding Free for kindle

May 30, 2013

Okay! For the very last time Love Lies Bleeding will be free for kindle from (today) May 30th to June 3rd. I will then make it available on all the other ebook platforms.

Bonus: LLB now contains an exclusive excerpt of the soon to be released, Cupcakes, Trinkets and Other Deadly Magic.

LLB with cupcakes

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Tag: Love conquers all…even death

Synopsis:  Pamela just wants to reunite in the afterlife with her dead fiancé, Grady. Problem is, Grady was a secret agent, and his coded emails have infuriated both his employers and his enemies. They need Pamela alive. So, instead of her planned suicide, she is kidnapped by black ops agents, tortured by mobster warlords, hunted by a psychotic killer, and chased by zombies … all necessary evils in order to ultimately walk into the sunset with her true love.

WARNING: Love Lies Bleeding is a darkly comedic, bloody romance about love conquering all, even death. This is NOT a young adult novel. It contains graphic violence, nasty language, and more than a little bit of flesh eating. There are no soft kisses, soulful stares, or moonlit rainstorms.


“Denial was Erwin’s friend, and favorite vacation spot.” – Chapter 4, Love Lies Bleeding

“I can’t figure out what we are playing at, good cop, bad cop, concerned nutritionists …” – Phil, Chapter 5, Love Lies Bleeding

“Don’t worry dear. Be a good girl and you never have to find out what’s in the crate.” – Mr. Doyle, Love Lies Bleeding

“I’m just looking to match this empty shell to my departed soul.” – Pamela, Love Lies Bleeding

“I need help. Or at least directions. I’m being chased by a psycho . . . killer, though given the day I’ve been having I could be wrong about his intentions.” – Pamela, Love Lies Bleeding


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