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No typos yet …

June 14, 2013

… though that doesn’t mean I’m not adding/changing things, of course. And yes, that is my customized pink ruler. It was a gift many, many years ago, and it is just the perfect length to keep me focused line by line.

So focused I don’t even have time to take a picture and … err. Wait, that’s not right. Maybe the ruler should be named ‘procrastination thy name is writer-facing-final-proof-of-70,000-word-novel’. Except that wouldn’t all fit on a 6in/10cm ruler. Well, not in a readable font size anyway.

Back to work! I have a book to release after all!!

Cupcakes (Etc) chapter three with ruler


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  1. June 14, 2013 1:06 PM

    AH, HAH! Got to read more of your words! Nayah nayah! ROFL

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