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47,435 words and counting…

September 12, 2013

Okay, drive by update. I’m over halfway through the second draft of  Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic, so if I keep up this pace – and the edit isn’t too atrocious – I’ll hopefully be hitting publish on this sequel in October.

The 2nd draft of Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic has been fuelled by See's Candies dark chocolate chews!

Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic brought to you by See’s Candies dark chocolate chews!

I’d like to say that it has taken me over a week to accumulate those paper wrappers, but that would be a bald faced lie. And I’m about to add two more to the pile … then recycle the evidence.

Jade made me do it.

Okay … I can’t even lie convincingly by blog.


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