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Fiction Friday #6 – new releases and great deals

February 14, 2014

Note: Every Friday I’m going to (attempt to) list any great looking books or deals I’ve come across earlier in the week. Often, I won’t have read these books myself yet – seeing as I’m supposed to be writing one (!!) – but these are deals or books I thought looked good enough to share. All links – for ease of linking – are to but most, if not all, of these books are available on all platforms including paperback. Hint, if you are in Canada or the UK (etc) and want to buy just change the .com in your browser to .ca (etc).

Geekus Maxiumus just RELEASED an audio version of his book, Horror Stories from A Computer Tech Geek this week – $3.95. The kindle version can be found for $0.99. I believe this book was inspired by the Joe Konrath 8-hour challenge, so if you’re looking for a laugh maybe you will find it here.

Next up is Tube Riders by Chris Ward. The kindle edition is currently FREE. This book has been getting a lot of buzz in my writer’s group so grab it up while it’s free. There are two more books available in the series. I just grabbed a copy from the Canadian store, though I’m so backed up on my reading I fear I may never get to it.

Jess Mountifield’s short fantasy Wandering to Belong is also FREE right now!! It’s averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars on amazon right now.

J.R.C. Salter’s first book in the Calnis Chronicles, Allison’s Defeat, is currently FREE right now. “Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Lord of the Rings” – hmmm, THAT sounds interesting!!

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