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#FictionFriday #11 – deals, new releases, and freebies

April 4, 2014

Note: Every Friday I’m going to (attempt to) list any great looking books or deals I’ve come across earlier in the week. Often, I won’t have read these books myself yet – seeing as I’m supposed to be writing one (!!) – but these are deals or books I thought looked good enough to share. All links – for ease of linking – are to but most, if not all, of these books are available on all platforms including paperback. Hint, if you are in Canada or the UK (etc) and want to buy just change the .com in your browser to .ca (etc).

Some nonfiction for the blog this week: Three Kitties That Saved My Life ebook coverAuthor Michael Meyer has his nonfiction book, The Three Kitties That Saved My Life available today through Monday for $0.99. This heart-wrenching and heart-felt tale has 4.6 stars out of 46 reviews.

Horror Stories From a Computer Tech

Another nonfiction offering, Horror Stories From A Computer Tech is only $0.99 and the audio book has recently been released (if you prefer to listen rather than read).

The Other Number 10

Jo Jacobs has a NEW RELEASE this week with her new book, The Other Number 10 (the Sadie Series) and the early reviews are glowing. Interested in a steamy tale os sex, drugs and saucy secrets? Who isn’t??!! LOL

Oxygen ebook cover

Randy Ingermanson’s science fiction suspense novel, Oxygen, is currently on special for $0.99 on all the major retailers. Interestingly, the novel is actually set mostly in 2014, and a key scene is datelined April 4, 2014, which is today! The author wrote the book back in 2001, and says it feels surreal to watch his futuristic novel turn into historical fiction. Cool, huh? So are the reviews – 4.5 star average over 110!!

Big Lake ebook cover

Nick Russell’s Big Lake is $0.99 today as well. this crime thriller has over 201 customer reviews on Amazon!!

Moon Struck ebook cover

Last, but not least, Jeanette Raleigh is currently offering her novel Moon Stuck
for FREE. It is the first book in the When Were and How! series.

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