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Too much story…

March 21, 2015

There is too much story running around my head this morning … and last night all I could dream about was Jade and Warner and all the conversations they need to have or will have but there isn’t ever enough time for any or all of that because life is always happening … or the world is caving in.

Then there’s the new pieces haunting me … the snippets of a dream I had early this morning that my mind keeps trying to tidy up and make into a narrative, then make into a narrative that would fit into the universe of the Adept. Because otherwise I’m being a bad writer and allowing myself to get distracted from the work.

Yes, story is different than the work. The work – where my fingers should be curled around a shiny Parker fountain pen filled with green ink instead of tapping on my keyboard – is plotted out through Dowser 5, 6, and Oracle 2. The work is those three books, in which most of the story is pretty firmly set.

But the story – and my mind – is with Kandy in a side story I don’t have any time to write. And also it’s captured by this new idea …


The hot chocolate cooling beside me in my piggy travel mug might help bring focus.

And for you? While you patiently wait to see if anything coherent will issue forth from my direction in the nearish future?

For you, I insert a picture of chicks in a box.

SFHs and WAs in a box

These babies are now in their (much bigger) brooder in my laundry room. I’m trying to not constantly check on them, say every fifteen minutes or so. I have grave concerns that one will die from something I could have prevented, or they will eat each other.

Hmmm, this may be contributing to my lack of focus.

And I don’t like my office.

I might have to do something about that later … the office. For now I have simply moved into the dining room.

And the chicks will probably be just fine … if they don’t turn into cannibals the second I apply myself to the work…

ETA: these sweethearts are from Briarwood Poultry. We swooped over to Vancouver Island, had lunch with my Dad, and picked them up in Mill Bay. Five Swedish Flower Hens and six Wheaten Ameraucanas.

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