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Oracle 2: A glimpse of a WIP

August 28, 2015

The muttering and fretting of the crowd grew, but it was just a wash of useless noise. Beau had drilled me with contingency plans, over and over again. I was supposed to call Audrey if we got separated. I was supposed to make it back to the pack if anything ever happened to him.

I cleared the crush of the crowd, but stayed nearby on the grass in the shadow of the brick building. I dug my phone out of my satchel and pulled up Audrey’s contact info.

Except … if I went to Portland that meant I had to just let whatever was happening here happen.

Beau would be pissed. But how long would it even take Audrey to get here? And then what?

I scrolled from the As to the Bs. It was a short scroll. A shallow flick of my thumb. I had a dozen entries total, at most.

I stared down at the contact I’d selected.


– I See You, Oracle 2, Chapter 6, First Draft

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  1. August 28, 2015 4:17 PM

    Noooo! Not Blackwell!!!!

  2. Susan permalink
    August 28, 2015 4:31 PM

    First word that came out of my mouth, too…Noooo! You are going to keep it interesting as always. 🙂

    • August 28, 2015 4:38 PM

      Hee hee. No Blackwell love?

      • Susan Sander permalink
        August 28, 2015 6:03 PM

        Little bit too self entitled and smug…would like to learn his story. Thinking there is more than meets the eye…and if not, can Jade kick his ass?

      • August 29, 2015 8:50 AM

        Exactly, on all counts!

  3. Jolene Poseidonae permalink
    August 28, 2015 7:10 PM

    So very much looking forward to this book!

    • August 30, 2015 12:33 PM

      Me too … as in, looking forward to getting the first draft written!! ha!

      • Jolene Poseidonae permalink
        August 31, 2015 6:12 AM

        That’s a very important step in the process!

  4. August 28, 2015 10:03 PM

    Blackwell’s a poser. Only as good as his toys. 🙂

  5. Susan Sander permalink
    September 7, 2015 8:48 AM

    Blackwell smiled, and I saw something in his face that reminded me of how Kett had said that the sorcerer would make a good vampire. Re-rereading 😄 the series and this passage grabbed me. Now that would be an interesting story!

    • September 7, 2015 10:31 AM

      😀 Blackwell is indeed an interesting character!! I certainly have plans for him … if I ever manage to write everything that’s in my head … before, you now, other ideas take over. 😀 I hope you are enjoying the reread!

      • Susan Sander permalink
        September 7, 2015 11:56 AM


  6. Susan Sander permalink
    September 10, 2015 10:37 AM

    Hey, here’s an idea! You can write back stories on all your characters…you know, in your spare time, like Drakes parentage or why Kett was shadowing Wisteria, and, and, and…😉
    I love your writing. Thank you for every word you produce!

    • September 10, 2015 10:53 AM

      I was thinking of doing something like that along with recipes and maybe some character renderings for the ‘series bible’ after I release Dowser 6 and Oracle 3. But I need to figure out a way to make sure that people who have already purchased the ecopy of the bible can download the updates as the series progress. As well as hire an assistant and an interior book designer to put it all together for me, ha. Also, you find out what Kett is up to with Wisteria in the Reconstructionist series 😉 (hopefully starting next fall).

  7. Susan Sander permalink
    September 10, 2015 1:46 PM

    Oh, boy! You are a marvel! One more thing to look forward to!

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