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Northwest Chocolate Festival: Charm School

November 4, 2015

I’d never indulged in chocolate from Charm School Chocolates. I’d also never tasted cocoa sourced from Belize. So this 70% dark chocolate treat was a 100% new for me when I happened upon it at the Northwest Chocolate Festival.

I really adore how small batch chocolatiers are starting to stamp and mould their bars.

The tasting notes on the back of the wrapper read: reminiscent of plump raisins and chocolate sandwich cookies. I definitely get the raisin flavour right off the top. But I’m not certain what they mean by ‘chocolate sandwich cookies.’ Oreos? If so, I’m not really picking that up. [Note: Michael says he tastes ‘more Fudgee-o’s than Oreos’.]

The chocolate is smooth and creamy with a lingering finish that is not unpleasant or dry.

A definite recommend!

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