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Tasting: Akesson’s 75% Criollo Cocoa

January 27, 2016

Yes, Dowser series research is just so damn hard. Sigh.


Akesson’s award-winning Madagascar Ambolikapiky Plantation, 75% Criollo Cocoa. If you follow that link it’s the second bar down on the page.

This is a brand new bar for me. YAY! I purchased it during my New Year’s Eve rush through Xoxolat. Fearing they were going to close before I could get there, I called ahead of time to say I was only blocks away. Arriving 10 minutes before closing, I flew along the shelves snatching up old favourites as well as some new bars – astonishing an employee I’d never met, though the lovely owner didn’t batt an eyelash. I – of course and always – dented my visa hard and was out the door 8 minutes later.

Tasting notes

  • My thoughts: 1st taste – silky smooth, deep cocoa. Buttery. Lingering, pleasant aftertaste. 2nd taste – subtle tartness, very buttery, the cocoa coats the tongue and mouth.
  • According to the bar: expressive cocoa aroma with a subtle fruity-sweet tartness and pleasant flavour notes that evoke citrus and red berries.

Usually my sweet spot is 65% – 70% cocoa but there was no niggling bitterness or harshness to this 75%. I’m pretty sure this bar will be making an appearance in the Dowser Series.

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  1. Jen permalink
    January 28, 2016 5:02 AM

    I am interested in actually tasting some of these chocolates….do they sell them online? I am no where close to being able to go to the store lol! I live in Ohio! P.S. ready for the next book to release! Heard about you from another mother, have never read a book, bought all of your books and read them in 3 days!!! Awesomeness!!

    • January 28, 2016 7:27 AM

      First – Whoot! I’m so glad you liked the books!! This is a lovely post to wake up to!
      Second – chocolate. Yes, you can find online shops. But first may I suggest that you google single-origin chocolate and your hometown or nearest large city or state? You might have to dig a bit but you are looking for a retail store that carries a few different bars, so you can browse first. Read the labels, figure out what flavour profile intrigues you. I lean towards Madagascar, citrus and berry finishes over earthy or smoky.
      If that fails you can then order specific bars online. I found a link last night to help someone else out over on Facebook. Let me see if I can dig it up this morning.
      Thanks for commenting!!


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