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I See Me: Author-Read-Along: Chapters Four and Five

May 18, 2015



CHAPTER FOUR – thoughts/notes/quotes:

  • A debilitating hallucination triggers thoughts of her every first one. So we catch a rare glimpse into Rochelle’s background in foster care (etc) in this chapter. Rochelle isn’t one to dwell hence the rare notation above.
  • Hints into Blackwell’s background – who did he steal the amulet from? Hint: note all the golden/gold decor.

Favourite Quotes

It had been many years since I’d asked why. Since I’d questioned why and what I hallucinated. But tonight, in my drugged sleep, I hoped. I wished. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 4

I managed to sit at the table in the dinette area, only to realize I was brushing my hands across my cheeks and through my hair as if attempting to sweep away the clinging hazy bits of the hallucination. Just like a crazy person … like the crazy person I was … No. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 4

I was crazy – pure and simple – according to the professionals. Well, they didn’t put it quite like that, but that’s what I heard and that’s what I lived with. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 4

No one was going to yank me out of the RV, label me, and then shove pills down my throat. Happy nineteenth birthday to me. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 4


CHAPTER FIVE – thoughts/notes/quotes:

BEAU!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the scene that started it all. The reason this book and characters exist. This scene haunted me. There are way too many things to quote in this chapter. I’ll have to narrow down to my favs below.


Insta-love complaints: One of the biggest ‘complaints’ I get about I See Me is a perceived “insta-love” element. Obviously this works for me – otherwise I wouldn’t have written it – but it doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve already had my say on this subject – I wrote the book – but I firmly believe that the reaction that occurs between R&B – whether a reader perceives that to be simply a  chemical reaction or ‘love at first sight’ – is setup and supported by their backgrounds. They come from nowhere and are heading nowhere, until they meet each other. I firmly believe that you can form a bond with a stranger within a matter of minutes, just based on your shared histories/beliefs/desire/fears.

But then, I believe in true love. I’ve felt it and I’m living it. 😀 I’m damn lucky.

Sex-too-early complaints: Again, I think I’ve covered my thoughts on this above. But I will say that Beau’s background and motivations will be exceedingly important to the plot of Oracle 2.

Favourite Quotes (TO MANY!!!)

I felt a terribly weird impulse to pull my sleeves down over my hands and dry the rain from his face – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 5

“Are you crazy?” I resisted the urge to tug the sleeves of my hoodie down over my arms for a completely different reason now. “Because I have enough crazy already going on in my head. I don’t need yours.” – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 5

No need to explain that I was cold. Cold in a way that made it seem I’d never be warm. Cold in my core, and afraid if I stayed alone, I’d sleep. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 5

Then he reached across the table and – barely touching me – turned my left hand over until the back rested on the table. With a touch so light that I felt only the shiver of its passing, he brushed his fingers across the black butterfly I had tattooed on the inside of my wrist. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 5

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What were your thoughts, comments, and/or questions on Chapter Four and Five?

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  1. May 19, 2015 4:47 PM

    For ch.4 – all of your notes are the same ones that I was making while I was re-reading.

    I think knowing what’s to come helps with understanding the why’s around the lack of migraines and other adverse affects to the visions. And it was heartbreaking when she re-lived what happened with the foster family she was with when it first happened. There’s nothing worse in the world than feeling like you’re safe and you can truly trust the people around you – just to find out that you actually can’t.

    The first time I read this book – I never paid any mind to the fact that the chapters started with quotes… Now I’m seeing it and wondering how I missed it in the first place. I like the subtle change in pace it adds to this story, and to reading in general.

    Beau’s reaction to Rochelle’s tattoo’s being an indicator that she’s a witch (or some other adept) is intriguing. I’ve not noticed other characters in the Dowser series with any (that I recall), so I’m curious as to where Beau is getting this idea from. I’m also getting more and more curious as to the where’s and why’s of her color sightings. The Brave – I get, other adepts – I get… the random diner – not so much.

    I’ve also always wondered the significance of the Apples… I had hoped it would come up later in the book, but it never did. And I find her choice of words kind of funny – “I knew a predator when I saw one.” This is mostly only funny because I’ve read it already. Then there’s the conversation in the Brave where he knows something she doesn’t and their having two separate conversations. I wonder how much access she has to her power at this point given his shuddering, and his previous hunch-over while at the diner. How could he be having such a physical reaction to her (or her to him) at this point, unless there is a deeper blood bond, almost like soul mates, or something else equally exciting. But then how would that work given who they each are?

    • May 19, 2015 5:19 PM

      More on the tattoos coming up in Dowser 5 and Oracle 2 😀

      Apples – see the scene with Jade and what Rochelle’s magic tastes like, along with Beau’s reaction. Rochelle is subconsciously comforted by the smell/taste of her own magic. That’s the pay-off.

      Colour – the diner scene contains Beau.

      Physical reactions – Beau’s hunching would just be his need to seem less threatening. Shuddering at her touch – pure human reaction to needing to be touched by someone who loves you (or is falling in love with you). But also, yes, as he tries to explain later there is magic between them, and Rochelle herself will need to learn to control her “psychic punch.”

      Not going to touch the ”soul mate” thing just yet. Maybe in book 2, but probably 3.

      I like the way you think!

      • May 20, 2015 1:21 PM

        Woot on the tattoo details coming up!! The rest all makes sense.

        There may be people out there who loathe the fact that these two people found each other and fell in love in that first moment. For me… it’s nice to see that there are people who can and do have and experience this in their lives. It give me a glimmer of hope that just maybe I’ll get to feel it too.


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