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I See Me: Author-Read-Along: Chapters Sixteen

May 22, 2015


Last but certainly not least when it comes to the plot of Oracle 1. Here are my thoughts on the final chapter. Feel free to ask any questions or share any thoughts about I See Me (Oracle 1) here. Anyone reading this far shouldn’t accidentally happen upon any spoilers.


CHAPTER SIXTEEN – important beats:

  • CHI WEN, the far seer!!!
  • Rochelle’s parents get names!
  • “An oracle by birth.” Important wording here. 😀
  • “As you will see mine.” – this practically innocuous observation of Chi Wen’s is a HUGE hint to how he sees Rochelle’s role (specifically within the Dowser Series). But you’re going to have to wait for Dowser 5 and 6 to really know what he’s talking about 😛
  • Fate/Destiny/Luck – Chi Wen weighs in on the possibility of changing the future. “Magic moves where it will, not where we wish it.” This is an important hook into Oracle 2.
  • Rochelle seeing herself in the rearview mirror – “I didn’t recognize myself.”
  • Beau, Rochelle, and the Brave. Both have made ‘deals’ to save/protect the other.

Favourite Quotes

And wait, dragons were real now? Like fire-breathing, treasure-hording dragons with wings and scales and wickedly long claws? – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 16

Beau lifted my left hand and pressed a kiss to the black butterfly on my inner wrist. “I’ll follow your luck anywhere. Then I’ll fight and survive at your side if it runs out.” – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 16

“Me and you, beyond luck.” – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 16

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What were your thoughts, comments, and/or questions on Chapter Sixteen?

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  1. May 24, 2015 5:20 PM

    Chi Wen!!!!! The conversation the two of them have is funny. He gets lost in thought, she interrupts and potentially misses something important – but learns fast to not do it again. Nice to see her parents get recognition, and the clue as to who she really is. Gotta start somewhere.

    I’m looking forward to where the road takes Beau and Rochelle. They both may have made deals they weren’t necessarily ready for, but for love we all seem to do crazy things.

    • May 25, 2015 11:35 AM

      Very, very true. Love throws a wrench into plans, even Rochelle’s. 😀 Thanks for reading along with me!!


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