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I See Me: Author-Read-Along: Chapters Ten and Eleven

May 21, 2015


 I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Ten

CHAPTER TEN – important beats:

  • Going to the Pack for save haven … and “ignoring the most important thing [Beau’s mother] ever taught” him.
  • Lara!! From a different POV (not Jade’s). “I’ll gladly dance naked on his bloody, well-gnawed bones.”

Favourite Quotes

Don’t play nice, Rochelle. I want you, not the fake you who’s just pretending.” “What if the fake me is all I have now?” “Look deeper.” – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 10

Beau reached around me to grab my seat belt, but I slapped his hand away. “I’m crazy, not a moron” – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 10

“Yeah, I knew how to deal with predators. Don’t be prey.” – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 10

I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Eleven
CHAPTER ELEVEN – important beats:

  • Audrey! Learning to be a good beta, and failing at it.
  • Desmond! Everyone who thinks the Alpha is ‘handsome’ needs to reread Rochelle’s reaction/description of him. Also some intriguing displays of the Alpha power/magic that hasn’t been explored much in the Dowser Series.
  • Texting with Kandy – I love this scene.
  • Are cupcakes a possibility? LOL
  • Rochelle’s bravery is so compelling and even heart wrenching through these few chapters. She is totally lost, and yet willing to do anything for Beau. Even defending him against the Pack.

Favourite Quotes

“What magic to you wield, witch?” Desmond asked me. I raised my chin. “I’m not a witch.” “What are you then?” I thought about this for a second, then answered, “Crazy. Though psychotic might be a better word choice.” – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Eleven.

“Rochelle doesn’t eat meat,” Beau blurted, as if he was confessing some terrible sin. The three other shapeshifters turned to stare at me, completely aghast. Like I was condemning their religion or something. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Eleven.

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What were your thoughts, comments, and/or questions on Chapter Ten and Eleven?

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  1. May 22, 2015 11:10 AM

    Grr… Today’s been one of those days. I wrote up a whole thing and because I started writing yesterday – the browser timed out and I lost it all.

    Yay Lara. We all hate Blackwell, and I’d gladly join her dance party.

    Oh Audrey Audrey Audrey… Will you ever learn???

    I had more questions with Ch.11 than commentary. I love that Rochelle and Beau are both standing up to the Pack for the other, and seeing Pack dynamics in Pack territory from not-Jade’s POV. However, because these dynamics and “rules” haven’t really been touched on, it leaves me confused as to what’s happening. The reaction that Beau has to Desmond when he’s trying to establish his protection of Rochelle, the conversation about Beau knowing his place, why the reaction to being offered food, etc. I get the Dominance games with Beau keeping his eyes downcast (Lara too), and the schooling that Desmond is providing Audrey. The other stuff is confusing, and it made understanding what all was happening a challenge.

    I see your comments above now (after I wrote out my first version of my comment), and I see that you’ve noted the Alpha power and it’s lack of appearance elsewhere – I hope we get to explore more of it in the books to come. Also the texting with Kandy, and the cupcakes “well maybe she’ll bring some anyways” 😀 <3<3<3 And that quote about Rochelle not eating meat. O. M. G. That was priceless (also why did Beau blurt it in such a manner?).

    • May 22, 2015 11:30 AM

      Gah! Sorry about you losing what you’d written. I HATE that! Re: the scene being confusing – sorry about that 🙁 We saw Desmond exercise some of the power of the Alpha in Dowser 2 (with Lara), then we are told of how he ‘makes a beta’ in Dowser 3, then in Dowser 4 we see him pulling magic from the pack to heal Kandy. An alpha is only so powerful when he has the pack backing him. Desmond needs Beau to know that he is dominant as quickly as possible (so Beau doesn’t stupidly challenge him or anything). Hence, Beau having a difficult time standing against the weight of the Alpha magic (see Lara and Audrey kneeling as well). Beau doesn’t want to be a member of the pack, but Desmond immediately treats him like one – feeding him, etc. Beau falls into line with the rules, for example, no one eats before the Alpha, because he is trying to get out of this situation without further confrontation. In Chapter 16 we are told he didn’t get away without some ties though (and he’s not terribly happy about it). The ideas around food and shapeshifters is touched on in the Dowser books a few times, but most specifically when Jade bakes in Desmond’s kitchen in Dowser 2.

      Beau ‘blurting’ is because he knows the other shapeshifters will be appalled, but he needs to make sure Rochelle can eat as well.

      This will be explored further in Oracle 2. 🙂

      • May 22, 2015 11:50 AM

        Right. Pulling magic from the Pack to heal other members, I remember that. I just didn’t put 2 and 2 together in the idea that he can then use that same magic to intimidate others, but it makes sense. And I saw Audrey and Lara kneeling as if they had recognized the shift in conversation and thus were falling into line to be respective and whatnot.

        So then I’m guessing that being fed is the start of those less than happy ties, and not actually a gesture of “I accept that you’re in my space and I won’t try to kill you” like I initially thought.

        Okay… that all makes sense. I think I just need to sit down and re-read the books in order again. Also, maybe you should come up with a handbook or something 😀 “Just found out you’re an Adept, may I present – Adept Rules 101”

      • May 22, 2015 12:11 PM

        An Adept Handbook 101 is a brilliant idea.

        The food/feeding is also ‘I won’t kill you’ but with a tint of ‘you are mine to protect now, and therefore you must heed me.’

        We will find out way, way more about Beau and why he doesn’t want the connect to the Pack in Oracle 2. Remember though, he doesn’t regret anything he’s done or anything he’d ever have to do to protect Rochelle.


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