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I See Me: Author-Read-Along: Chapters Twelve and Thirteen

May 22, 2015


I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Twelve

CHAPTER TWELVE – important beats:

  • Beau’s abandonment issues: “Don’t leave me,” he whispered fiercely. The idea was utterly preposterous. I laughed.”
  • The Dowser!! And Kandy 🙂
  • Getting to hear how the cupcakes taste from Rochelle’s POV. Love, love, loved it.
  • The alchemist fixes Rochelle’s necklace.
  • TENSION between Desmond and Jade.
  • All hell breaks loose. 😀

Favourite Quotes

I had a split second to mourn Beau. I was terribly sure that if I ever gained consciousness again, it would be without him. And what good would waking up be if I had to wake up without Beau? – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 12

“It’s broken,”I said. “It’s broken like I’m broken.” – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter 12

I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Thirteen

CHAPTER THIRTEEN – important beats:

  • Rumble in the house!
  • First hallucination with the drugs out of her system and her mother’s necklace attuned to her magic.
  • More B/G of how the Pack functions – “sharing magic,” etc

Favourite Quotes

 “If we can’t have Paris,” Desmond said. “At least we’ll always have Blackwell.” – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Thirteen.

I was within the vision. I breathed in the white light. I consumed it. It was me. It had always been me. This was me. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Thirteen.

My hallucinations up to this point certainly hadn’t been filled with fluffy bunnies. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Thirteen

She flinched. All that power, all that electric magic I could feel rolling off her, and I made her flinch. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Thirteen

“I don’t believe in fate or destiny.” Jade laughed. It wasn’t a happy sound. “It believes in you.” – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Thirteen

Then, propelled by a force I couldn’t deny any longer – that I couldn’t hope to control – I sat on the bed to draw. Right now, that was all I could do. But later, I was going to thwart destiny. – I See Me, Oracle 1, Chapter Thirteen

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What were your thoughts, comments, and/or questions on Chapter Twelve and Thirteen?

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  1. May 22, 2015 1:14 PM

    “Don’t make me drag you. Not that I’d mind laying hands on you, pretty kitty. But the Dowser would get all pissy about it, and I’m still hoping she brought treats.” Hehehehehhee <3

    As I mentioned in the last chapter, I'm hazy on Pack rules etc. So I'm just as lost as Rochelle on this "claiming" business that Audrey is doing. I'm also kinda curious about Rochelle's compulsion to eat the cupcake. Ahh sweet Jade and Desmond… It's funny watching them interact here, and seeing how spot on Rochelle is with their emotions.

    "Then all hell broke loose."

    Oh man that tussle 🙂 Stupid Desmond for stepping in the middle of it all. And grr for Kandy getting hurt. I don't get, though, the "insufferable" comment made by Jade in reference to Audrey claiming Kandy as "hers to protect".

    It was nice to see that the visions are less challenging now, though I'm wondering what happened that made Jade afraid of her. Probably just her remembering the Far Seer's vision amongst other things that she's been denying for too long.

    • May 22, 2015 5:41 PM

      LOL. Loved that bit from Lara, though I didn’t end up highlighting it. Audrey has to fight for her place in the pack, claim the title of Beta (not just be rewarded it). But she’s an outsider (see Dowser 2) so she doesn’t have a ton of support, though she has the background (see her claim of her mother being a Lady of the Assembly). By Kandy kneeling to her, she shores up her place in the pack with the acceptance of the Enforcers (Kandy and Lara, right now). Jade thinks this support will only make Audrey more insufferable (pushy/head strong/bully) but she is wrong, see Dowser 4. Seeing Jade and Desmond from Rochelle’s POV was super cool, even when writing the first draft. Jade is a afraid of the far seer and that fear transfers to Rochelle. 🙂


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